Tank & Manlid Sealing

2008_09300014webQuality and longevity of seal performance is a key consideration when choosing these products for two main reasons

  1. Cross-contamination between batches of chemicals
  2. Environmental issues caused through leaks and contamination

Traditionally, braided gland packing and rubber gaskets have been widely used in the chemical and tank farm industries. Whilst these are available at a lower cost, their impact on product quality and overall poor seal life raises the question of true life product cycle cost.

We supply a range of products that have near universal chemical resistance, with the exception of some alkali metals, Fluorine and some rare fluorinated and complex halogen compounds. Depending on tanklid design, they can be used within the temperature range from -60 and +205 degrees Celsius and pressures up to 6 Bar.

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Comprehensive range for the

chemical & tank farm industries


  • Envelope Gaskets
  • PTFE Tank Lid Seals
  • Encapsulated Square
  • Encapsulated Rectangular
  • Tanklid Seals

Performance benefits

  • Endless and seamless encapsulation
  • Advanced, superior performance grades of FEP Encapsulation and Silicone core
  • Chemically inert
  • Easy to install
  • Inside diameters from 160 to 850mm
  • Cross section from 3x3mm to 50x50mm
  • Truly universal tanklid seal