Purpose Built Double Cartridge Seal

A leading carpet manufacturer was experiencing continuous issues with their main foaming machine being excessive product leakage and extensive down time due to seal failure.

The OEM designed seal fitted to the machine had a sleeve on the shaft and o-rings to seal the product. This was not at all successful in sealing in the solution which consisted of latex and air.

The company engaged Sealing Solutions to assist in finding a long term and cost effective solution. After a thorough analysis Sealing Solutions designed a double cartridge seal to fit straight onto the shaft and effectively seal the product. The custom built seal was produced using the following materials Tungsten, Tungsten/Carbon and Tungsten Vitong.

The specifically designed double cartridge seal has the additional benefit of being repairable, eliminating the need to purchase a new seal each time a replacement is required. Over the course of time this will result in significant savings to the business both from a maintenance perspective and downtime allowance.