Kyabram Rewinding Service Supertitan low lift pumps cartridge seal overhauls

Kyabram Rewinding Service had the job of overhauling 4 large split case pumps that were used at a large water treatment plant. One pump was to be completed each week as part of the project. Sealing Solutions were able to refurbish each cartridge seal within the allocated time frame to as new condition.

We provided test reports to client as to condition of each cartridge seal as shown in example below:

Each cartridge seal was inspected prior to ultrasonic cleaning. We found that the rotary SiC face insert had spun in its holder and was found to be cracked in several places. The insert had worn a groove into the stainless steel holder.

The SiC stationary seal face had a deep groove worn into it’s seal surface and there was chipping on the inside diameter. The Hastalloy C springs had taken set and some were found to be bent.

This project is a terrific example of refurbishment vs new seals. The benefits to the client were:

  • Cost savings of approx $8,700.00 for total cost of refurbishing 4 seals as compared to purchasing new
  • Cartridge seals were refurbished in a shorter time frame than sourcing new cartridge seals
  • Doing 1 pump at a time minimised water treatment plant downtime
  • Refurbished seals saved pump overhaul time and cost as no extra machining required to fit replacement new cartridges