About Sealing Solutions


Sealing Solutions is part of the Motion Australia group of companies.

Established in 1995, we are now a leading supplier of Mechanical Seals to all industries across Australia and New Zealand

Our company prides itself on its relationships and we ensure the customer is the main focus of every operation. To support this, in 2010 Sealing Solutions purpose-built an environmentally friendly sales and service facility in Carrum Downs that provides the following services:

Substantial inventory area

with wide stock of common and customer specific parts

Manufacturing facility

lathes and mills for quick turn around of metal components

Cleaning facility

ultrasonic cleaners, sand blasting and parts washers

Seal face and component lapping machines

Technical department

design, drawings and technical support


integrated with the technical department for customer support

Quality inspection

every aspect of our process has some form of quality inspection involved


our team is Australia based to get your job done without a fuss

It is our commitment to provide the best service available in our industry in Australia.

The Mechanical seal industry is going through a period of rationalisation and major restructuring.
It is a time where new technologies and new ideas represent a major shift within the industry and we at Sealing Solutions are excited to be a part of it. Australian owned industries are proving that they can be competitive in a global market. Sealing Solutions are a key player in the modern Australian seal industry.

Sealing Solutions is environmentally aware

We use the most up to date cleaning and waste disposal methods, recycle old packaging and metal parts that are beyond repair, and ensure our processes use minimal water.

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